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749 mixed quality yarding at Grafton for the last fat sale of 2019. The market held up quite well considering the conditions. Bullocks sold to 270c/kg, cows to 210c/kg and vealers sold to 260c/kg. Our next fat sale will be the 7th January 2020. All the best from Farrell McCrohon Stock and Station Agents, lets hope for good rain and better season in 2020.

Prices from our sale records 10/12/2019



Price/KGWeightAverage Price
Export Bullocks265c/kg 640kg$1689/hd
Export Cows210c/kg 600kg$1260/hd
Export Heifers260c/kg 557kg$1495/hd
Export Bulls240/kg 900kg$2160/hd
Yearlings270c/kg 300kg$1026/hd
Heavy Vealers245c/kg 271kg$664/hd
Light Vealers230/kg 250kg$575/hd
Bobby Calves0/kg 0kg$0/hd

Sale Features

Eric Fraser bullocks sold to 265c/kg weighed 520kg to return $1378/hd

Castle Bros bullocks sold to 255c/kg weighed 490kg to return $1250/Hd

Maybrook bullocks sold to 268c/kg weighed 460kg to return $1225/hd

Watters Pastoral bullocks sold to 255c/kg weighed 640kg to return $1632/hd

MG & MH McGrath steers sold to 260c/kg weighed 365kg to return $910/hd

Drayton Pastoral cows sold to 210c/kg weighed 490kg to return $1029/hd

Maybrook cows sold to 208c/kg weighed 550kg to return $1134/hd

Cheryl James cows sold to 200c/kg weighed 525kg to return $1050/hd

JoJo Newby Angus steers sold to 274c/kg weighed 296kg to return $806/hd

JP & SN Anderson yearling sold to 265c/kg weighed 350kg to return $928/hd

CQ Pastoral yearling sold to 262c/kg weighed 293kg to return $761/hd


Vendor of the Week


FYI.  This is the final vendor of the week for 2019.  The next sale will be January 7th.


Maybrook Pastoral of Pillar Valley was selected as the ‘vendor of the week’ at the final prime cattle sale in Grafton for 2019.  Maybrook, along with all the other vendors recognized over previous months, are to be commended for presenting such high quality cattle in the face of harsh drought conditions.  The best of Maybrook’s offering were 2 heavily-muscled Limousin steers which averaged 460kg while still having milk teeth.  These well-bred and well grown steers sold for 266.2c/kg to gross Maybrook $1,224.52/head.



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