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827 Head of cattle yarded at Grafton on Tuesday.
It was very pleasing to see the market hopefully starting to recover with decent gains in all categories. Good heavy bullocks sold to 286 c/kg & feeder steers topped at 282 c/ kg. The best of
the cows topped at 204 c/kg with most sales lying between 165 c/kg to 200 c/kg. Vealers were also significantly dearer selling to 230 c/kg.
Restocker calves showed the greatest improvement with a number of new buyers hoping into the market. The best of the british bred weaner steers sold to 272 c/kg. The heifer
portion topping to 230 c/kg which was around 30- 50c/kg higher.


Prices from our sale records 18/06/2019



Price/KGWeightAverage Price
Export Bullocks286c/kg 710kg$2025/hd
Export Cows201c/kg 620kg$1246/hd
Export Heifers250c/kg 540kg$1350/hd
Export Bulls216/kg 755kg$1625/hd
Yearlings250c/kg 310kg$775/hd
Heavy Vealers228c/kg 280kg$638/hd
Light Vealers210c/kg 240kg$504/hd
Bobby Calves0c/kg 0kg$0/hd

Sale Features

Rob Jefferies bullocks sold to 286c/kg weighed 710kg to return $2020/hd
Jon Keats bullocks sold to 274c/kg weighed 633kg to return $1730/Hd
R C Child bullocks sold to 280c/kg weighed 570kg to return $1591/hd
Coombadjha Trust cows sold to 196c/kg weighed 610kg to return $1191/hd
Arndilly Pastoral cows sold to 196c/kg weighed 543kg to return $1064/hd
GA & JM Miller cows sold to 188c/kg weighed 515kg to return $954/hd
RJ & CJ O’Grady cows sold to 192c/kg weighed 640kg to return $1225/hd
HJ & NF Ensbey & sons vealers sold to 220c/kg weighed 321kg to return $700/hd
Ramornie Station vealers sold to 225c/kg weighed 335kg to return $748/hd
LJ Toms vealers sold to 215c/kg weighed 315kg to return $672/hd
Fiona Hardie angus steers sold to 265c/kg weighed 170kg to return $445/hd

Vendor of the Week


TJ & LG Keough of Bellingen were selected as the ‘vendor of the week’ at this week’s prime cattle sale in Grafton.  The vendor sold a total of 27 head including the 9 Angus steers pictured.  This pen of young milk-tooth steers was the best of the offering, selling to a Queensland feedlot for 278.2c/kg.   These steers had an average weight of 399.4 kg to gross the vendor $1,111.25/head.



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