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331 good quality cattle yarded at Grafton yesterday. Bullocks sold to a top of 370c/kg to average 360c/kg. Heavy cows sold a shade dearer to top at 346c/kg to see most cows sell between 310c/kg to 330c/kg. Trade cattle sold strong once again with heavy weaner steers selling to over 650c/kg. In the light steer section a saleyard record at Grafton was broke with light weight Angus weaner steers selling to 812c/kg.

Prices from our sale records 27/07/2021



Feeder Steers460474
Export Heifers330360
Export Cows327346
Export Bulls280295
Weaner Steers720812
Weaner Heifers610690

Sale Features


RHF McDonald bullocks sold to 370c/kg weighed 655kg to return $2425/hd

Coombadjha Trust bullocks sold to 365c/kg weighed 766kg to return $2730/hd

Leo Carlton bullocks sold to 362c/kg weighed 820kg to return $2962/hd

Watters & Flanagan bullocks sold to 362c/kg weighed 665kg to return $2394/hd

J C Thomson bullocks sold to 360c/kg weighed 640kg to return $2250/hd

Bailey Family bullocks sold to 355c/kg weighed 672kg to return $2374/hd

Diamond Seven Trust feeder steers sold to 474c/kg weighed 468kg to return $2208/hd

Heifer Station F1 heifers sold to 424c/kg weighed 440kg to return $1858/hd

RHF McDonald cows sold to 346c/kg weighed 668kg to return $2304/hd

Maybrook Limo weaner steers sold to 636c/kg weighed 243kg to return $1543/hd

Jill McGregor Angus steers sold to 720c/kg weighed 200kg to return $1436/hd


Vendor of the Week


Trevor & Susie Wingfield of ‘The Gorge’ were selected as the ‘vendor of the week’ at the Grafton prime cattle sale held June 29th.  The Wingfield’s sold 3 bullocks from their famous Upper Clarence property, well-known for its natural beauty and the flood height predicting abilities of Trevor himself.   The Wingfield’s offering included the very quiet Brangus bullock pictured which weighed 650kg and sold for 345c/kg to gross the vendor $2,242.50.  The offering was sold by Farrell McCrohon Stock and Station Agents.



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