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296 cattle yarded at Grafton yesterday. A very good yarding of bullocks came forward to see these types sell dearer with heavy Ox to the processor selling to 436c/kg and store bullocks to go back to the paddock selling to 452c/kg. Cow market was firm with cows selling to 391c/kg to an average of 381c/kg. Young cattle continued on very strong indeed with Angus steers selling to a top of 928c/kg and Angus heifers to 890c/kg.

Prices from our sale records 26/10/2021



Feeder Steers469512
Export Heifers400420
Export Cows380391
Export Bulls330336
Weaner Steers620690
Weaner Heifers710890

Sale Features


Doboy Station bullocks sold to 430c/kg weighed 535kg to return $2294/hd

Doboy Station bullocks sold to 452c/kg weighed 460kg to return $2075/hd

L & D Thompson cows sold to 388c/kg weighed 510kg to return $1970/hd

Chapmans Peak cows sold to 390c/kg weighed 580kg to return $2262/hd

Arndilly Pastoral cows sold to 388c/kg weighed 534kg to return $2061/hd

Coombadjha Trust cows sold to 375c/kg weighed 505kg to return $1885/hd

MJ Kelsall feeder steers sold to 512c/kg weighed 414kg to return $2112/hd

J & S Green Angus x steers sold to 568c/kg weighed 334kg to return $1883/hd

CQ Pastoral Angus steers sold to 928c/kg weighed 161kg to return $1493/hd

CQ Pastoral Angus heifers sold to 820c/kg weighed 183kg to return $1500/hd

GB & MV Feltham Angus x steers sold to 798c/kg weighed 185kg to return $1473/hd


Vendor of the Week

AJ & KA McIntyre of Pinkett (via glen Innes) were selected as the ‘vendor of the week’ at the Grafton store cattle sale held Thursday October 21st.  The vendor sold a total of 26 Hereford X Simmental steers and heifers full of potential.   A pen of 5 steers topped the offering with a sale price of 718.2c/kg at an average of 275kg to gross $1,975.05/head.  These steers are returning to the Glen Innes region for backgrounding while the best of the heifers topped at 628.2c/kg and are headed north to Lismore for breeding.  The offering was sold by Farrell McCrohon Stock and Station Agents.



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