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273 head of cattle yarded at Grafton yesterday. With a much better quality offering of grown cattle, the market for bullocks and cows held firm. Not enough bullocks to quote last week, however yesterday bullocks sold to 362c/kg to average 340c/kg. Cows topped at 287c/kg with most sales between 255c/kg to 275c/kg. Vealers to the trade market sold to a top of 452c/kg. Weaner steers under 200c/kg sold to 522c/kg. Heavier weaner steers sold to 510c/kg to average 450c/kg. Weaner heifers back to the paddock sold to 484c/kg.

Prices from our sale records 01/12/2020



Feeder Steers360375
Export Heifers320360
Export Cows273287
Export Bulls270300
Weaner Steers485522
Weaner Heifers468486

Sale Features


Coombadjha Trust bullocks sold to 374c/kg weighed 750kg to return $2574/hd

R J Jefferies bullocks sold to 350c/kg weighed 658kg to return $2296/hd

Leo Carlton bullocks sold to 362c/kg weighed 645kg to return $2324/hd

A P S & K G Short bullocks sold to 356c/kg weighed 700kg to return $2486/hd

Coomadjha Trust cows sold to 287c/kg weighed 603kg to return $1727/hd

J & S Green cows sold to 282c/kg weighed 615kg to return $1730/hd

McGrath Cattle Co cows sold to 278c/kg weighed 583kg to return $1617/hd

H Jones cows sold to 280c/kg weighed 536kg to return $1497/hd

Cowell Partnership Angus steers sold to 466c/kg weighed 255kg to return $1184/hd

M & C Woods Simmental cross steer sold to 390c/kg weighed 345kg to return $1339/hd

J & S Green Angus cross steers sold to 440c/kg weighed 292kg to return $1278/hd


Vendor of the Week


Geoff and Jan Miller of Ulmarra were selected as the ‘vendor of the week’ at the Grafton prime cattle sale on November 24th.  The Miller’s sold 2 large framed Angus cows plus pens of milk-tooth and two-tooth Angus steers.  The pen of 3 two-tooth steers topped the market at 402.2c/kg narrowly besting the milk-tooth steers by a single bid.  These steers (pictured) averaged 411.7kg to gross the Miller’s $1,655.72/head.  The offering was sold by Farrell McCrohon Stock and Station Agents.



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