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480 Cattle yarded at Grafton for the Fat Sale today. The market for export cattle was slightly easier than our last fat sale. Bullocks to processors topped at 432c/kg. Heavy cows sold to 370c/kg. Most cows sold to processors ranged from 340c/kg to 365c/kg. Store cows sold to 406c/kg. Young cattle sold firm with weaner steers selling between 700c/kg and 832c/kg. While the heifers sold between 620c/kg & 800c/kg.

Next Thursday 19th May there will be a combined Feature Weaner & store sale, 9am start. Your entries are invited and recommended.

Prices from our sale records 29/03/2022


Feeder Steers430450
Export Heifers405480
Export Cows363370
Export Bulls320340
Weaner Steers610740
Weaner Heifers678830
Weaner Steers <190kg740840

Sale Features

Wavehill Bullocks Sold to 388c/kg weighed 600kg to return $2311/hd

S Farlow Angus Steers Sold to 740c/kg weighed 221kg to return $1629/hd

SM & ML Gray cows Sold to 352c/kg weighed 680kg to return $2381/hd

Ramornie Station heifers Sold to 470c/kg weighed 320kg to return $1500/hd

PJ & EA Purton Angus Steers Sold to 750c/kg weighed 178kg to return $1330/hd

Sutherland Bros Charolais Steers Sold to 535c/kg weighed 315kg to return $1678/hd

JC Thomson Heifers Sold to 438c/kg weighed 330kg to return $1440/hd

TW & G Gibson Santa Heifers Sold to 566c/kg weighed 233kg to return $1316/hd

L & D Thompson Santa heifers Sold to 500c/kg weighed 280kg to return $1400/hd

I & S Zuill Partnership Angus Steers Sold to 764c/kg weighed 208kg to return $1588/hd

MJ & RS Fallon Angus Heifers Sold to 680c/kg weighed 177kg to return $1201/hd


Vendor of the Week



Sharyn Farlow of James Creek was selected as the ‘vendor of the week’ at the Grafton prime cattle sale on Tuesday May 10th.  The vendor was selected for her offering of 15 Angus calves appropriately described as being “as quiet as they come”.  The offering was topped by a pen of 7 steers with high market appeal, selling for 738.2c/kg at an average weight of 220.7kg to gross the vendor $1,629.31/head.  The offering was sold by Farrell McCrohon Stock and Station Agents.



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