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493 Cattle Yarded @ Grafton on Tuesday.
The quality on offer lifted substantially. The Market overall for every category was significantly dearer.

Bullocks topped atover 260c/kg. Heavy export heifers sold to 271c/kg. Cows topped at 272c/kg.
Yearlings to the butchers sold to 276c/kg.
Vealers to the processors sold between 200c/kg to 260c/kg.
It was great to see a significant rise in the market. The lift can be attributed to the predicted rain, with a bit of luck we canget under this welcome rain.

Prices from our sale records 14.1.2020



Price/KGWeightAverage Price
Export Bullocks242c/kg 525kg$1261/hd
Export Cows232c/kg 530kg$1220/hd
Export Heifers270c/kg 490kg$1323/hd
Export Bulls260/kg - 740kg$1924/hd
Yearlings276c/kg 373kg$1023/hd
Heavy Vealers260c/kg 275kg$707/hd
Light Vealers252/kg 250kg$622/hd
Bobby Calves0/kg 0kg$0/hd

Sale Features

N A Rhodes bullocks sold to 242c/kg weighed 525kg to return $1261/hd
T & S McCallum heifers sold to 242c/kg weighed 418kg to return $1609/Hd
G R Lenz heifers sold to 238c/kg weighed 415kg to return $985/hd
Ray Lee Earthmoving P/L heifers sold to 248c/kg weighed 390kg to return $956/hd
A H & L L Latter Holding cows sold to 230c/kg weighed 500kg to return $1140/hd
Gill & Swanson cows sold to 231c/kg weighed 512kg to return $1179/hd
Peter Ellis cows sold to 232c/kg weighed 530kg to return $1220/hd
S A Barnier cows sold to 228c/kg weighed 550kg to return $1250/hd
Kahuna No 1 P/L yearlings sold to 276c/kg weighed 373kg to return $1023/hd
Martin & Phelps P’Ship Angus x steers sold to 260c/kg weighed 257kg to return $670/hd
Ramornie Station vealers sold to 252c/kg weighed 272kg to return $680/hd


Vendor of the Week


Kahuna Pty Ltd was selected as the ‘vendor of the week’ at this week’s prime cattle sale in Grafton. The vendor sold a very high quality line of 24 light-export cattle off their Lower Clarence property. The superbly finished Angus heifers pictured were the best of the entire sale, bettering a second pen of Kahuna heifers by only one bid. This pen of 5 sold for 274.2c/kg at an average weight of 373kg to gross the vendor $1,022.77/head. The offering was sold by Farrell McCrohon Stock and Station Agents.




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