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After the long weekend we managed to yard only 306 cattle at Grafton on Tuesday. The market was firm and dearer over all categories.
Not enough heavy bullocks to to Quote however feeder steers sold to 270c/kg .
The cows of all classifications still firm with the heaviest selling to 220c/kg.
Again heavy vealers or yearlings sell to 250c/kg. Some dates to remember……..
This Saturday 12th October, Robbie and Kathleen Giggins Clearing sale at Copmanhurst. Property has been sold and everything must go. Sale starts at 10am.
Next Thursday 17th October is the monthly special Store sale. All entries are invited..

Prices from our sale records 1/10/2019



Price/KGWeightAverage Price
Export Bullocks0c/kg 0kg$0/hd
Export Cows220c/kg 600kg$1320/hd
Export Heifers250c/kg 520kg$1300/hd
Export Bulls210c/kg 860kg$1806/hd
Yearlings258c/kg 340kg$877/hd
Heavy Vealers248c/kg 344kg$853/hd
Light Vealers2100c/kg 200kg$420/hd
Bobby Calves0c/kg 0kg$0/hd

Sale Features

AB & JA Wetherspoon feeder steers sold to 280c/kg weighed 410kg to return $1316/hd
Wiblen Partnership feeder steers sold to 260c/kg weighed 370kg to return $955/Hd
L J & A J Abraham Feeder steers sold to 270c/kg weighed 405kg to return $1089/hd
N & E Cormick yearling steers sold to 254c/kg weighed 370kg to return $933/hd
Sharon Fisher cows sold to 205c/kg weighed 445kg to return $904/hd
Jikero Partnership cows sold to 220c/kg weighed 600kg to return $1309/hd
AB & J A Wetherspoon cows sold to 210c/kg weighed 485kg to return $1019/hd
Coombadjha Pastrol yearling steers sold to 246c/kg weighed 315kg to return $769/hd
Coombadjha Trust weener steers sold to 250c/kg weighed 283kg to return $701/hd
J Mcgregor angus steers sold to 242c/kg weighed 258kg to return $621/hd
Sharon Fisher Yearlings sold to 218c/kg weighed 280kg to return $605/hd


Vendor of the Week


Jackson Green of Lawrence was selected as the ‘vendor of the week’ at Tuesday’s Grafton prime cattle sale for his offering of 2 Brangus heifers and 8 steers. The best of the offering were his 2 heaviest steers, selling for 274.2c/kg at an average weight of 445kg to gross $1,220.19/head.  The pen of 5 steers pictured sold to a feedlot in Queensland for 258.2c/kg at an average weight of 306kg to gross the vendor a further $790.09/head.  The offering was sold by Farrell McCrohon Stock and Station Agents.




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