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  After some magnificent rain last week we managed a yarding of only 150 cattle at Grafton on Tuesday. There were not enough bullocks on offer to quote, however cows were  dearer topping at 223c/kg and heavy heifers selling to 251c/kg. In the trade section vealers to the processors broke the magic $3/hd mark to top at 303c/kg. Restockers were once again hungry for store stock and pushed Angus weaner steers to 376c/kg.

Don’t forget the October Special Store Cattle sale this Thursday. On the 11th November we will hold DJ Adams Clearing Sale at Alumy Creek. This is a major event with thousands of items of Australian memorabilia, antiques and collectables as well as farming items.

It starts at 9am see our website for photos and more details.       


Cattle Sales Every Tuesday

Prices from our sale records 17/10/2017


Price/KGWeightAverage Price
Export Bullocks256c/kg 720kg$1837/hd
Export Cows223c/kg 610kg$1355/hd
Export Heifers251c/kg 463kg$1157/hd
Export Bulls240c/kg 800kg$1920/hd
Yearlings292c/kg 390kg$1132/hd
Heavy Vealers303c/kg 277kg$836/hd
Light Vealers303c/kg 265kg$801/hd
Bobby Calves340c/kg 130kg$442/hd

Sale Features

Leo Carlton Bullocks sold to 256c/kg weighed 720kg to return $1837/hd.

Leo Carlton heavy heifers sold to 251c/kg weighed 463kg to return $1157/hd.

Neil McKay cows sold to 223c/kg weighed 610kg to return $1355/hd.

RJ & NJ Murcott cows sold to 220c/kg weighed 500kg to return $1096/hd.

Wendy Hedge vealers sold to 303c/kg weighed 265kg to return $801/hd.

Wendy Hedge steer calves sold to 318c/kg to return $1068/hd to restockers.

BC Chevalley vealers sold to 300c/kg weighed 248kg to return$738/hd.

BT & LA Duck Angus cross steers sold to 366c/kg to return $822/hd to restockers.

RC & IP Gray vealers sold to 303c/kg weighed 275kg to return $831/hd.

AR Watkins vealers sold to 300c/kg weighed 218kg to return $649/hd.

BT & LA Duck vealers sold 303c/kg weighed 277kg to return $836/hd.

Neil McKay bobby calves sold to 340c/kg weighed 130kg to return to $442/hd.


Vendor of the Week

‘Lacey and Passlow’ of Nana Glen were selected as the ‘vendor of the week’ at the Grafton prime cattle sale held on Tuesday.  The vendor sold 8 Friesian steers that were bottle reared as poddy calves and grown-out on lush pastures adjoining the Orara River at Coramba.  The best of the offering was a heavy 725kg steer that sold for 248.2c/kg, rewarding the vendors for their hard work by grossing $1,799.45.  Pictured as this steer is paraded for the buyers are vendors Krista Lacey and Tom Passlow.

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