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210 head of cattle yarded at Grafton yesterday. Only a smaller yarding after last week’s big sales. Overall, the bullock and cow market was slightly easier to see the heavy steers sell to 358c/kg to average 336c/kg. Cows to the processor sold to 297c/kg to average 257c/kg. Re stocker cows sold to 314c/kg. Weaner steers topped at 618c/kg to average 470c/kg. Weaner heifers sold to 590c/kg to average 450c/kg. Next week we will hold the March Feeder & Weaner Sale. Your entries are invited and recommended.

Prices from our sale records 23/02/2021



Feeder Steers420446
Export Heifers307332
Export Cows281297
Export Bulls270297
Weaner Steers550618
Weaner Heifers540590

Sale Features


R J Jefferies bullocks sold to 348c/kg weighed 623kg to return $2155/hd

D R Skarratt feeder steers sold to 446c/kg weighed 421kg to return $1871/hd

Lance Chevalley cows sold to 288c/kg weighed 510kg to return $1465/hd

Ramornie Station yearlings sold to 458c/kg weighed 342kg to return $1560/hd

Sharon Fisher Charolais steers sold to 536c/kg weighed 263kg to return $1407/hd

Maybrook Limo steers sold to 516c/kg weighed 323kg to return $1658/hd

Maybrook Limo heifers sold to 512c/kg weighed 275kg to return $1404/hd

Ramornie Station Angus x weaners sold to 468c/kg weighed 301kg to return $1402/hd

L R & C L Chevalley heifers sold to 524c/kg weighed 185kg to return $966/hd

Cartmill Bros yearlings sold to 432c/kg weighed 285kg to return $1226/hd


Vendor of the Week


‘Maybrook’ was selected as the ‘vendor of the week’ at this week’s prime cattle sale in Grafton.  The Pillar Valley vendor sold a customary line of 7 high-quality Limousin calves. The pair of well-muscled steer calves pictured was the top of the sale in their weight range, selling for 518.2c/kg. These impressive calves averaged 300kg ‘straight from the cow’ to gross the vendor $1,554.60/head.  The offering was sold by Farrell McCrohon Stock and Station Agents.

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