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234 Cattle yarded in a mixed yarding at Grafton on Tuesday the 19th of June. Not many bullocks offered and they still sold to 207c/kg. Best of the heavy cows sold firm to top as just over 200c/kg. All other plainer and lighter cattle were harder to sell. Vealers to the processor sold between 780c/kg and 210c/kg.
The cattle market for everyone concerned needs rain and not just here but Australia wide. when it does decide to rain who knows what the market could do!!

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Prices from our sale records 19/06/2018


Price/KGWeightAverage Price
Export Bullocks207c/kg 690kg$1423/hd
Export Cows200c/kg 638kg$1264/hd
Export Heifers198c/kg 525kg$1030/hd
Export Bulls180c/kg 700kg$1260/hd
Yearlings250c/kg 320kg$795/hd
Heavy Vealers212/kg 243kg$511/hd
Light Vealers202/kg 200kg$404/hd
Bobby Calves230c/kg 160kg$230/hd

Sale Features

T & J Martin bullocks sold to 207c/kg weighed 690kg to return $1423/hd

Fischer Farming Angus steers sold to 240c/kg weighed 428kg to return $1026/hd

R J & C M Tate Angus steers sold to 255c/kg weighed 415kg to return $1103/hd

Jikero Partnership heifers sold to 198c/kg weighed 474kg to return $925/hd

N F & R L Thompson heifers sold to 198c/kg weighed 525kg to return $1030/hd

Drayton Pastoral cows sold to 200c/kg weighed 638kg to return $1265/hd

L J Gann cows sold to 180c/kg weighed 515kg to return $795/hd

D F & C A Spagnolo Angus steers sold to 250c/kg to return $795/hd to restockers

John Sheraton Brahman steers sold to 222c/kg weighed 295kg to return $650/hd to restockers

Maybrook Pastoral Limo steers sold to 230c/kg weighed 263kg to return $578/hd to restockers

B L & J L Gill Angus heifer sold to 212c/kg to return $580/hd to restockers

Vendor of the Week

Drayton Pastoral was selected as the ‘vendor of the week’ at the Grafton prime cattle sale held on Tuesday.  The vendor sold a pen of 9 ‘empty’ Brahman-cross cows from their Southgate property.  The cows were in excellent condition, prompting one impressed onlooker to exclaim “wow, they obviously didn’t come off my place”.   The offering sold to processors for 198.2c/kg at an average weight of 637.8kg to gross $1,264.08/head.

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