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A smaller yarding of 297 cattle at Grafton on Tuesday. The market for bullocks held firm to top at 254c/kg. Cows sold easier by 5-10c/kg to top at 210c/kg. Vealers to processors also followed this trend with more sales between 250c/kg & 270c/kg.

Rain is wonderful and magic thing and that is what the market here and away needs, some useful rain on the Darling Downs and predicted rain for the North West plains will put upward pressure on the market.  At the end of the day it’s a simple matter of supply and demand.

Cattle Sales Every Tuesday

Prices from our sale records 20/02/2018


Price/KGWeightAverage Price
Export Bullocks245c/kg 600kg$1470/hd
Export Cows210c/kg 635c/kg$1316/hd
Export Heifers230c/kg 485kg$1110/hd
Export Bulls241c/kg 910kg$2186/hd
Yearlings280c/kg 335kg$922/hd
Heavy Vealers265c/kg 240kg$624/hd
Light Vealers262c/kg 245kg$640/hd
Bobby Calves310c/kg 100kg$310/hd

Sale Features

Doboy Station Bullocks sold to 245c/kg weighed 600kg to return $1470/hd

Bill Patricks feeder steers sold to 272c/kg and to return $1297/hd to feed lotters

Sharon Fisher Charolais steers sold to 278c/kg and to return $1190/hd to restockers

P and K Logistics heavy heifers sold to 228c/kg weighed 485kg to return $1102/hd

RB Kenny cows sold to 203c/kg weighed 510kg to return $1032/hd

Mary and Tank Gray cows sold to 205c/kg weighed 590kg to return $1200/hd

P and K Logistics cows sold to 210c/kg weighed 635kg to return $1316/hd

Todd Preston bulls sold to 241c/kg weighed 910kg to return $2186/hd

Di and Wayne Jefferies Angus steers sold to 304c/kg to return $650/hd to restockers

L Smith Angus steers sold to 280c/kg weighed to return $680/hd to restockers


Vendor of the Week

Maree Conroy & Tom Lloyd of Doboy Station were selected as the ‘vendor of the week’ at the Grafton prime cattle sale held on Tuesday the 20th. They sold a total of 46 head, topping at 245c/kg for a pen of Santa cross steers. At an average weight of 600kg these steers’ grossed $1470.00/head for the vendor.

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