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393 cattle yarded at Grafton on Tuesday. The market improved remarkably for bullocks with these types selling to 253c/kg. Cows also sold dearer to see a top of 206c/kg. Vealers didn’t improve any and remained firm to see most sales between 190c/kg & 215c/kg.
With some good rains predicted at the end of the week for here and the tablelands as well the northern western plains. The cattle market will definitely get another burst as we come into spring. Let us just hope all the weather predictions come through.


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Prices from our sale records 21/08/2018

Wavehill bullocks sold to 242c/kg weighed 715kg to return $1728/hd

Luke & Sam Bruce bullocks sold to 248c/kg weighed 692kg to return $1695/hd

SM & ML Gray bullocks sold to 253c/kg weighed 595kg to return $1500/hd

H & S Buchi Bullocks sold to 246c/kg weighed 548kg to return $1344/hd

Shan Farm steers sold to 262c/kg weighed 465kg to return $1210/hd

Keys & McDonald heavy heifers sold to 226c/kg weighed 590kg to return $1329/hd

Keys & McDonald cows sold to 206c/kg weighed 708kg to return $1454/hd

Neil McKay cows sold to 200c/kg weighed 635kg to return $1260/hd

L & D Thompson cows sold to 193c/kg weighed 563kg to return $1081/hd

Jill McGregor Angus steers sold to 242c/kg to return $4601/hd to restockers

Craig & Michelle Pigg Angus bull sold to 224c/kg weighed 950kg to return $2120/hd

Price/KGWeightAverage Price
Export Bullocks244c/kg 693kg$1687/hd
Export Cows206c/kg 708kg$1454/hd
Export Heifers226c/kg 500kg$1130/hd
Export Bulls224c/kg 950kg$2120/hd
Yearlings216c/kg 303kg$648/hd
Heavy Vealers215c/kg 265kg$568/hd
Light Vealers205c/kg 232kg$475/hd
Bobby Calves206c/kg 115kg$235/hd

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Vendor of the Week

Bill Niland of Calliope was selected as the ‘vendor of the week’ at the Grafton prime cattle sale held on Tuesday.  Mr. Niland was recognized for his sale contributions over many years, regularly selling heavy grass-fed bullocks off his property near Ulmarra. This week’s sale offering of 10 head included 7 heavy bullocks which topped at 200c/kg and weighed 667.5kg to gross Mr. Niland $1,335/head.  Five of the vendor’s bullocks are pictured during the auction

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