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Numbers remained high with yet another big yarding of export cattle. Buyer attendance was fair with most processors operating. In the cow market we saw heavy cows sell firm and secondary cows selling up to 10-12c/kg dearer from previous sales. Export heifers & bullocks sold firm to slightly dearer in places. not a lot of good quality feeder cattle to quote however feeder heifers sold firm to dearer up to 6-8c/kg. While steers remained firm to easier quality related weaners continued the usual trend with good quality weaners making the rate while secondary weaners received a harsh deduction similar to previous weeks




Vendor of the Week – Tuesday 21st May




Sale Features

JR & BA Carlton Angus bullocks sold to 275c/kg weighed 760kg to return $2091/hd

They also sold Brahman x bullocks to 278c/kg weighed 658kg to return $1830/hd

CJ Moss bullocks sold to 276c/kg weighed 710kg to return $1961/hd

Bailey Family Angus steers sold to 312c/kg weighed 364kg to return $1136/hd

AD & B Canale Angus cows sold to 216c/kg weighed 575kg to return $1243/hd

RC & FA Conroy Brahman x steers sold to 270c/kg weighed 283kg to return $765/hd

Dent Timbers Santa x cows sold to 233c/kg weighed 578kg to return $1340/hd

G Lee Angus steers sold to 348c/kg weighed 248kg to return $863/hd

K & D Simmons Angus heifers sold to 242c/kg weighed 217kg to return $525/hd

Prices from our sale records 21/05/2024


Feeder Steers252260
Export Heifers237274
Export Cows218237
Export Bulls215240
Weaner Steers286384
Weaner Heifers225278
Weaner Steers <190kg235326

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