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A smaller yarding of 260 head of cattle at Grafton yesterday. Not enough heavy bullocks to quote, however they did top at 330c/kg. Feeder steers sold between 300c/kg to 426c/kg. Cows sold dearer trend by up to 80c/kg with the best cows selling to 299c/kg to average 280c/kg. Young cattle sold firm with weaner steers selling from 420c/kg to 676c/kg and heifers from 380c/kg to 510c/kg. This Thursday we will host the Annual Feature Weaner Sale commencing at 9am, over 2000 weaners will be on offer.

Prices from our sale records 4/05/2021



Feeder Steers378426
Export Heifers300320
Export Cows283299
Export Bulls260290
Weaner Steers530676
Weaner Heifers492530

Sale Features

R C & F A Conroy feeder steers sold to 378c/kg weighed 473kg to return $1778/hd

T A Conroy feeder heifers sold to 366c/kg weighed 420kg to return $1530/hd

Jikero heavy heifers sold to 310c/kg weighed 575kg to return $1783/hd

S D Sproates heavy heifers sold to 302c/kg weighed 650kg to return $1951/hd

Tracey Conroy cows sold to 299c/kg weighed 643kg to return $1918/hd

K W Brotherson cows sold to 287c/kg weighed 600kg to return $1717/hd

Corbin Allen cows sold to 296c/kg weighed 645kg to return $1904/hd

Marlene McCarthy Angus steers sold to 530c/kg weighed 216kg to return $1135/hd

Hallam Partnership Hereford steers sold to 480c/kg weighed 258kg to return $1231/hd

John Sheraton vealers sold to 454c/kg weighed 245kg to return $1103/hd


Vendor of the Week


Mike & Robyn Dougherty were selected as the ‘vendor of the week’ at this week’s prime cattle sale in Grafton.  The Dougherty’s offered a quality line of 19 Santa-cross bullocks sired by Yulgilbar bulls from their Southgate property.  The offering was well received by export buyers with one hefty 865kg bullock grossing the highest price of the entire sale at $2,778.38.  A pen of lighter bullocks averaging 691.9kg also topped the prices in the export section, selling for 356.2c/kg to gross $2,464.46/head.

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