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Numbers eased this week after weeks of high numbers yarded. The market showed some strength despite 1 major processor not operating. Cows sold to a dearer trend of 10-15c/kg. Bulls remained the same, as well as export heifers & bullocks. Weaners were in shorter supply with good quality light weight steers & heifers selling firm to dearer & second-rate lighter cattle easing once again by 10-15c/kg, proving this year’s market to be extremely quality driven.

Our Combined Special Weaner & Store Sale has been changed to MONDAY 18th FEBRUARY. 


Vendor of the Week – Tuesday 27th February


TJ & LG Keough of Bellingen were selected as the ‘vendor of the week’ at the Grafton prime cattle sale on Tuesday February 27th.  The vendor was selected for their offering of 12 Speckle Park calves, capitalizing on the wave of popularity the breed currently enjoys.  Most of the vendors’ 7 heifers were sold to a local grazier as future breeders, while a majority of the steers will be grown-out near Glen Innes.  The top of the offering however was a 355kg steer which sold direct to processors for 306.2c/kg, grossing the vendor $1,087.01. The offering was sold by Farrell McCrohon Stock and Station Agents of Ulmarra.


Sale Features

T & L Keough Speckle Heifers sold to 296c/kg weighed 380kg to return $1125/hd

T & L Keough Speckle Steers sold to 306c/kg weighed 355kg to return $1087/hd

R & M Gay Brahman Heifer sold to 260c/kg weighed 510kg to return $1326/hd

LJ Carlton Brangus Bullock sold to 280c/kg weighed 740kg to return $2072/hd

S A Cavanagh Charolais Cross Bullock sold to 286c/kg weighed 565kg to return $1617/hd

G & M Feltham Angus Steer sold to 406c/kg weighed 150kg to return $609/hd

Prices from our sale records 20/02/2024


Feeder Steers260286
Export Heifers245258
Export Cows228253
Export Bulls230244
Weaner Steers340418
Weaner Heifers220340
Weaner Steers <190kg380434

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