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772 head of cattle yarded at Grafton on Tuesday.
It was evident very early that good quality well
finished cattle either sold dearer or firm. However,
lesser quality and plain (drought affected) cattle
are increasingly hard to move. Overall, the best
bullocks sold to 290c/kg, heavy cows to 240c/kg
and good quality heavy vealers selling to 10-
20c/kg dearer topping at 255c/kg.
As the drought continues to grip we can see quite
clearly at the saleyards the effect its having on
producers. Cattle a few months ago were fat and
shiny and now the percentage of fat cattle is
getting fewer and fewer every week.

Prices from our sale records 13/08/2019



Price/KGWeightAverage Price
Export Bullocks280c/kg 525kg$1470/hd
Export Cows236c/kg 605kg$1417/hd
Export Heifers234c/kg 368kg$820/hd
Export Bulls240c/kg 905kg$2172/hd
Yearlings280c/kg 410kg$1141/hd
Heavy Vealers250c/kg 270kg$675/hd
Light Vealers220c/kg 240kg$528/hd
Bobby Calves200c/kg 140kg$280/hd

Sale Features



Wavehill bullocks sold to 268c/kg weighed 647kg to return $1709/hd
D R Skarrott bullocks sold to 280c/kg weighed 540kg to return $1481/Hd
Shan Farm feeder steers sold to 282c/kg weighed 410kg to return $1141/hd
AD & ML Scott feeder steers sold to 280c/kg weighed 440kg to return $1209/hd
Cummins Pastoral Company heifers sold to 235c/kg weighed 368kg to return $817/hd
Anderson Family Charolais cows sold to 235c/kg weighed 548kg to return $1282/hd
Wratten Family cows sold to 220c/kg weighed 478kg to return $1042/hd
Cummins Pastoral Company cows sold to 226c/kg weighed 320kg to return $1171/hd
AV & RL Rann cows sold to 238c/kg weighed 605kg to return $1417/hd
Ramornie Station cows sold to 202c/kg weighed 488kg to return $976/hd
PR & JA Parberry heifers and steers sold to 250c/kg weighed 274kg to return $670/hd

Vendor of the Week


SC Williams of Warregah Island was selected as the ‘vendor of the week’ at the Grafton prime cattle sale held on Tuesday.  The vendor sold 18 head, topping at 287c/kg for a pen of 7.  These Santa Steers had a weight of 589kg and grossed at $1692/head for the vendor.




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