National Vendor Declaration


NVDs are required for any movement of stock – to processors, to saleyards or between properties if they have different PICs.

NVDs are subject to on-going audits from Abattoirs and Meat Processors. They have provided us with a few guidelines for completing the NVD correctly. The NVDs are a legal document and particular care must be taken when completing them.



  1. You will need a PIC:

What is a PIC? PIC is a unique eight-character number assigned by Local Land Services to properties with livestock. This property registration system allows for the tracing of livestock to assist with disease and chemical residue management.

Having a registered PIC is a requirement in NSW for owners of livestock such as cattle, sheep, goats and pigs to have a Property Identification Code (PIC) when trading or moving these livestock.

If you do not have a PIC? Fill out this form and return to your Local Lands and Services:

For more information:  Call 1300 795 299 or 02 6659 9400 or visit


  1. Register with the LPA:

You will have to call the LPA 1800 683 111 to organise buying your NVD book or EDEC’s (The new online form of NVD’s that will soon be the means of selling your cattle).

It is recommended that you buy EDEC’s rather than the books as keeping up with the progression of improvements of selling cattle.

Once you have called the LPA and brought your NVD’s you will obtain your login details that will allow you to access future buying of books or EDEC’s


3. Buying NLIS tags:

The National Livestock Identification System (NLIS), Australia’s scheme for the identification and tracing of livestock, has been introduced in NSW.

All movements of cattle between properties with different Property Identification Codes (PICs) must be notified to the NLIS database and all cattle identified.

You can buy NLIS tags from your local produce store e.g. Norco or McGregor Gourlay.



It is the LAW to tag all livestock and fill in your NVD correctly and completely.

  1. If you have an NVD book Take note of the code on the top middle of the form. It must be CO413. If you do not have this correct form please refer back to question 2 above.

This National Vendor Declaration/Waybill is a declaration by the producer (you) regarding the food safety status for livestock being sold. This is also a legal document for the transportation of livestock.

Make sure the NVD/Waybill is correct, neatly written, fully completed and must accompany your livestock to the saleyards.

  • A full description of stock e.g. Bullocks, Steers, Heifers, Cow, Cows and calves.
  • Breeds must be described in full.
  • Number of stock per description.
  • Number of head with tags and boluses.
  • Consigned to:

Farrell McCrohon Stock & Station agents

85 Fitzroy Street


NSW    2460

  • Destination address:

Grafton Saleyards

267 Armidale Road

South Grafton

NSW   2460

  • Complete ALL answers 1-9

* Taking note of each answer carefully for example

Q1- HGP Free Y/N

Q7- With holding period of cattle- Have you treated your cattle with anything lately?


Have you transferred all you RFID’s to you own PIC?

This must be done so a “Lifetime Traceable” is able to be done at the saleyards once the cattle are sold.

If your cattle are not transferred to your PIC at time of sale an alert may be raised of stolen cattle.

Login to your LPA Account and transfer your cattle:

NLIS TAGS: Each beast must have a NLIS tag to be sold. If your Beast does not have an NLIS tag at time of sale it will be issued with an emergency tag which will be charged out at $15/hd. Refer to Q3 in prior to movement of cattle on how to purchase NLIS tags.