“JoJo was highly professional and courteous at all times. She is one of the few real-estate agents I have dealt with, and that has been a lot, who knew all there was to know about the property she was selling. She could answer our questions immediately and we did not have to  wait for her to ask the question to the owner then get back to us. It was a very refreshing change! We have owned a lot of different properties in our time, but this is a stand out! We would absolutely recommend JoJo to anyone we know. I have great trust in JoJo Newby, She 100% cares about whether the property is right for you or not. Her communication with us was excellent and we are very happy with everything she did for us as a buyer. I would have no problems recommending JoJo to anyone actually she is 100% invested in her properties under her portfolio! I think your service is perfect!!!”