Clearing Sales




288 Lawrence Rd, Alumy Creek

Saturday 11th November 9am start

Located on the outskirts of Grafton towards Lawrence

Farming Equipment:

2008 Jayco Sterling 24ft Caravan-Excellent Order, PBL 2HAL float- 10 months rego

Aluminium fuel tank, Canopy to fit Landcruiser, Bull Nose Iron approx 20 sheets, 600L Silvan 6m boom spray, Old insulators, Lincold welder power/generator 225dc, 2 x branding iron number sets, Fire fighter pump, Fertiliser spreader, Chain breaker, Wire strainers, Old drills, Stock & dye sets, Snap tie downs, Jacks, Stilsons, Pipe wrench, Spanners, Screwdrivers sets, Shifting spanners, Various filters, Laser Level, Soldering iron, Transarc Welder, Compressor, Buffalo Fly back rubber, Pipe bender & attachments, Dehorners, Bolt cutters, Various Makita power tools, Fridge trolley, Honda 1000 Generator, Modern blower, Flood boat, Cement Mixer, Gate hinges, Massive amounts of nuts & bolts, Plenty of shovels, Ropes, Various lengths iron, Orin Wood Length, Lrg fibre glass tank, Saw blades, Cedar Doors, Wooden timber ladders, Marble, Various gym gear, 3 x black smith vice, Triton Super jaws, Cutting edge.

Antique household items:

Treadle Singer Sewing Machine, Guzunders enamel & porcelain, Antique glass wear, Davison & Son plate set (Full), Royal Doulton (Stamped) dishes & plates, English tea sets, Miscellaneous crockery collectables, Antique glassware, Memorabilia tobacco cutter, Matches & collectables.

Australian Memorabilia, Antiques & Collectables:

Bullock wagon parts, Bullock Yokes, Bullock bells ALL sizes, Bullock bows, Bullock Chains, Bullock brake, Wagon wheel, Antique Buccarumbi pub beer taps, Copper pipe bender, Various drill bits, Augers, Miscellaneous drill bits, Flaring tool, Pipe cutters, Thread restorers, Leather working gear, Chains various lengths & sizes, Rip saw, Hand saw, key hole saw, Wooden plain all shapes & sizes, Rasp, Wooden spirit level, Brace & bit, Carpenters rulers & pencils, Milk cans different sizes, Cross cut saw, Egg tooth saw, M-tooth saw (ten total), Peg & rack saw, 2 x Bellows, 4 x oil tins, Cant hooks, Antique Boxes, Scythes, Axes hub steel and hytest, Forge, 5 x Tomahawks  3 x Mortise Axe, Broad Axes, 4 x Adze, Brush hooks, 2 x hacksaws, 2 x Draw Knifes, Running out axe, Antique pipe wrench, Jockey Wheel, Tyre chains, Tricycle,  Separators, Boilers, Milking cans, Fountain, 18G wine barrel, Pack saddles, Saddle bags, Bridles and halters, Stirrup leathers, Quart pots & leather cases, Antique school case, Tarps, Corn Cracker, Antique Drill press, Antique boiler, Antique emery board, Bottle jacks, dee’s, shackles, Snap downs, Various steel, timber boxes, Steel wedges,  Vice, Hammers,

Rabbit traps, Various leather gear, Old locks & keys, Saw set, Shoe horns & stretchers, Shearers, Valve grinder, Valve lifter, Old iron, Jaffle maker, Oil cans, Valve grinding paste, Sulky light, Coach light, Old lamps, Avery scales, Various hammers, Measuring tapes, Swage board set squares, antique coin holder, Razor sharpeners & sets, Old medical packaging and tins, Various old oil cans- Mobile, Castrol, Shell, Golden Fleece), Old Edwards tea boxes, Old Chain saw, Antique Chest, Sandstone grinding wheel, Antique out board motor, Block splitter, Black smith gear, Anvil’s, Old meat safe, Meat mincer, Crow bars, Cant hooks, Log stamper, Old chairs, Wooden high chair/rocker.


  • Strictly cash or cheque on the day
  • No Eftpos available Bid card system
  • ID required
  • No Buyers Premium
  • Catering provided


Office: (02) 6642 5200 David Farrell 0437 448 455