Tuesday Fat Sale

Stock Comment 

Another smaller yarding of 370 cattle at Grafton on Tuesday. The market for Export types either sold firm to a shade easier. Bullocks to the kill made to 252c/kg, heavy feeders steers sold to 290c/kg and cows sold to 221c/kg. In the Trade section the processors buying veal calves were far more selective, however they still sold to a respectable 296c/kg.

Good quality Angus weaner steers sold to 380c/kg or rather $925/hd which was firm on last week. Lesser quality and Brahman types sold cheaper as restockers were far more selective in their purchases.

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Cattle Sales every Tuesday - Prices from our sale records 15/08/2017


Price/Kg Weight Average Price
Export Bullocks252c/kg588kg$1476/hd
Export Cows217c/kg575kg $1243/hd
Export Heifers 217c/kg 570kg $1129/hd

Export Bulls

Yearlings 380c/kg 344kg $922/hd
Heavy Vealers 286c/kg 240kg $682/hd
Light Vealers 292/kg 180kg $530/hd

Bobby Calves






Sale Features


Kroehnert Partnership bullocks sold to 251c/kg weighed 580kg to return $145/hd.

M J & R F Dougherty bullocks sold to 251c/kg weighed 630kg to return $1576/hd.

Marg & Tank Gray heavy feeder steers sold to 290c/kg weighed 500kg to return $1441/hd.

Keys & McDonald heifers sold to 243c/kg weighed 480kg to return $1129/hd.

N J & D A Osborn cows sold to 217c/kg weighed 600kg to return $1290/hd.

L E & J D Roberts cows sold to 207c/kg weighed 503kg to return $1037/hd.

P & N Gibbins vealers sold to 272c/kg weighed 303kg to return $817/hd.

I M Bailey Angus steers sold to 368c/kg to return $912/hd to restockers.

N J & D A Osborn vealers sold to 280c/kg weighed 280kg to return $775/hd.

H J & N F Ensbey & Sons Angus steers made 380c/kg and returned $922/hd to restockers.

P D & D L Moran Murray Grey steers sold to 346c/kg to return $723/hd to restockers.

J Sheraton vealers sold to 286c/kg weighed 240kg to return $682/hd.

M J & R S Fallon Angus heifers sold to 284c/kg to return $476/hd to restockers.

A G & M E Dougherty Angus steers sold to 348c/kg to return $617/hd to restockers.

M McCarthy Santa steers sold to 330c/kg to return $680/hd to restockers.

 Vendor Of The Week

S & M Gray was selected as the ‘vendor of the week’ at the Grafton prime cattle sale held on Tuesday.  The vendor sold 5 head of cattle with the best being a pen of 4 Angus-cross steers which sold for 288.2 c/kg to realize $1441.00/head.  Pictured with her offering is the vendor Mrs. Margaret Gray .The steers were presented in outstanding order.