“This was by far the easiest property sale we have ever been involved with. From the initial stages to the finalisation of the sale JoJo kept us informed of everything that was happening with possible buyers. She was a real shining light for us and her personality is infectious. We feel that she was completely honest from day one and that after each inspection there was never a rush to get away, which was something we experienced with other agents. She always found time to talk us through each potential buyers pro’s and cons in regards to the suitability of the property and she was always available to talk to if we had any queries about anything at all. Since listing with Farrell McCrohon, we have never looked back, with not 1 but 2 interested parties wanting to purchase the property. I would never hesitate to recommend your company to anyone who is thinking of listing their property. The main selling point for us is the honesty, integrity and professionalism displayed by all the staff at your business. Continue to keep operating in the same way you are going and I can’t see you going wrong. We are going to miss JoJo and her bubbly personality and lovely people skills.”