• How would you describe the experience and process of selling your property through JoJo Newby?



One phone call set the process in motion.

One on site visit with JoJo nutted out all requirements and expectations.

Management contracts prepared and delivered within 24 hrs.

Advertising organized within days.

On the market in less than a week.

Sold within a fortnight.



  • Do you recall what prompted you to choose JoJo Newby as your agent?


I was assisting my daughter with purchasing a property and JoJo was the contact person.

JoJo was upfront from the first meeting. She offered all information without hesitation.

She would respond to each enquiry promptly, even if it meant extra research.

She made us aware of the negatives as well, so we could make our own assessment.

She demonstrated honesty and patience as we worked through the various stages of the purchase.



  • At the start, did you consider appointing a different agent?



JoJo’s integrity and dedication to the process of pleasing both vendor and purchaser impressed me.

The decision and investment was very satisfactory.