National Vendor Declarations

NVDs are required for any movement of stock – to processors, to saleyards or between properties if they have different PICs.

NVDs are subject to on-going audits from Abattoirs and Meat Processors.  They have provided us with a few guidelines
for completing the NVD correctly. The NVDs are a legal document and particular care must be taken when completing them.

A sample NVD is below.  Please use it as a reference when completing your NVD.

As a general rule:

●   All names and addresses should be written out in full – state and postcode included in every area where it is requested.

●   Description of cattle should not be abbreviated but written in full.  e.g. charolais, brahman cross, hereford cross, bullocks, steers, cows, heifers, cows and calves. X should not be used.  Male, female, mixed sexes or mixed cattle should not be used as descriptions.

●   If you need more than 4 lines to list your cattle an ‘Attachment to National Vendor Declaration and Waybill’ is available
from the website or from our office.

●   Phone and fax numbers should be provided, if you have them.

●   Agents name and address should be written in full, as shown.

●   The destination address, if saleyards, should be written in full - 267 Armidale Road, South Grafton NSW 2460

●   All questions must be answered.

●   Writing must be legible, all corrections must be initialled and don’t forget to sign the declaration.

●   If you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact our office for help. 



 For some time now processors have been moving towards the phase out of older versions of the LPA National Vendor Declarations (LPA NVDs).

 There are currently many different versions of the NVDs in circulation and there are many different demands from importing countries that do not match up with these older version LPA NVDs.

 Agents have been informed by processors and feedlotters that from 1st January 20145 they will only accept 2013 version of LPA NVDs.  This is to ensure Australian meat products continue to be exported and accepted worldwide.

 By having this 2013 version, Russian and Saudi Eligible will no longer need to be written on NVDs.

 Agents recommend that all producers update their LPA NVDs by purchasing a new hard-copy LPA NVD booklet or electronic LPA NVDs (e-decs) as soon as possible. They can do this by calling the LPA Helpdesk on 1800 683 111 or online at

The latest version is recognised by the printed edition number C0413.

 If producers want to attract full competition and acceptance of your livestock, you must have the latest version 2013 LPA NVD's by 1st January 2015.


If you require further assistance please contact our office.