Copy of A/c B J & R M Johnson




Approximately 30mins West of Grafton

Farm Machinery/Equipment; Daedong DK501 ROPS 4WD Tractor fitted bucket & sun canopy 50HP 1245 hrs in as New condition, Post driver, Slasher 6ft Gal Top Howard EH/ Duty, 3 PL/JIB, Set Harrows, CANT hook, Sleeper hook roller, Bilge pump 1500 G.P.H (new), Double row disc plough, Tandem Disc, Fertiliser spreader, Spin roll Calf cradle, Ute crate 8x6, Molasses tank 1,000 litre, Rapid + 100 Litre spray unit, Old Trailer No Rego, Canoe, Quantity Polp pipe + fittings, 2 Steel gates, Quantity iron both new and used, Electric cement mixer, 2 Rolls new No 8 wire, 2 Rolls high tensile barb wire, New and used star pickets, Old set scales, 3 Solar electric fence units, 1 x 240 v electric fence unit, 1  Poly water trough, 2 Bath tubs water or feed, Old sink, Wash tubs, Hay, Cotton seed, Feed drums storage, Electric fence wire (used), Gudgeons and straps (gate), Quantity railway line, Sheep wire (used), Endless chain, poisoning bar, 2 Steel gates 9 6, Quantity hessian bags, Quantity wire netting, Quantity chain wire, Fence posts, Round posts + stays, Log dog kennel, Road pipes, Bricks, 3 stock/saddles + bridles, Quantity tools, 1 Wickwiper, Jerry cans, Set dehorners, 2x nose pliers, Cattle prodder, Coopers drench gun, Generator (XCEED) 1,000w, Pump 6 x 160 Honda 5.5 water, Steel wedges, Car ramps, Steel chains, Roof racks (car),

Household Items/Antiques: Table wooden + 6 chairs, Lounge chairs 3 piece, 2 Wardrobes, Antique Chester drawers, Antique safe Pinewood, Cupboards, Paintbrushes Paint equipment, Old fridge still goes (Kelvinator), Small round Barbeque, Barbeque setting 4 stools, 2 Garden chairs, Kids swing, Ladder (step), Computer desk, Sewing table, Record cupboard, 6 Piece dinner set, Pot plants (large number), Antique corn cracker, Antique milk vat, Antique cream cans, Antique quantity second hand soft and hardwood timber,  2 Old house doors, Antique timber slabs, Rocking horse, Kids bikes,

Livestock: 8 ISA Brown Pullets laying 7months old, 16 ISA Brown 2nd year laying hens, Good quality pullet and young hens on the lay.

Terms: strictly cash or cheque on the day
 No Eftpos available Bid card system
 ID required No Buyers Premium Catering provided

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